What’s On – Virtual Events

Even in these unprecedented times, there is no need to feel isolated.  Below we’ve listed a range of Heartfulness events happening “virtually” both in the UK and worldwide. Connect and enjoy!


Sunday Morning meditation with Kamlesh Patel or Daaji, Global Heartfulness Guide *

No text or weblink to join, simply sit at home for 30 mins and come out naturally when you feel it is finished.
Every Sunday 8am UK | 9am Europe

Morning meditation with a UK trainer *

No text or weblink to join, simply sit at home for 30 mins and come out naturally when you feel it is finished.
Monday to Saturday 7am UK







London Heartfulness Centre – live relaxation and meditation session with Heartfulness Trainer.

The 20 minute relaxation and meditation will be followed by a workshop “Benefits of meditation, rejuvenation, evening meditation & reflection”.  Includes Questions & Answers session.
During current conditions and the changes we are all going through, this will be a wonderful way to stay connected.  Family & friends welcome.
Every Saturday at 2pm.  For details of the Zoom meeting and any queries contact: londoncentre@heartfulness.uk





*If you are new to Heartfulness meditation, we recommend that you learn the basics of this simple practice by doing the online Masterclasses or joining Judith or Mirabel’s live sessions on Facebook and Instagram (see above). Alternatively, please contact a trainer in your area who will be happy to help you get started and support you in your practice.



Managing with the Heart

A series of talks between Daaji and Dr. Ichak Adizes which will explore spirituality in management.
Full of useful and practical insights and learnings applicable to managing a business, family or personal life.

Invited guests will add to the richness of the content.
Feel free to invite your friends and colleagues at work to join too.

Register for RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/230683448365663/
Every Friday 3.30pm U.K. time



HEARTFULNESS WELLNESS WEBINARNurturing Each Individual’s World

The Heartfulness Continuing Medical Education team is offering various virtual awareness programs. Our doctors and healthcare experts are volunteering their time online, to providing psychological counseling and informative webinars, especially addressing senior citizens and persons with pre-existing medical conditions. Hundreds of volunteer medical professionals are also working to prevent the contraction of COVID-19.”

LIVE sessions will take place daily at https://bit.ly/heartfulnesswellness
Daily 8am ET | 1pm UK | 2pm Europe | 5.30pm India

HELLO LIFE Heartfulness Youth

A new series known as ‘Hello Life’ was launched on 7 April 2020 on the Heartfulness Unplugged  YouTube channel, by the Heartfulness Youth. This is a Talk Show which runs for 15 to 20 minutes once a week. This platform connects people and explores topics around lifestyle, personal growth, and mutual learning, along with some simple and healthy practices that we can incorporate into daily life.

Below is a link to the teaser video, and we hope you will subscribe, watch, enjoy and collaborate to make this a success.
LIVE sessions will take place at https://www.youtube.com/heartfulnessunplugged/live
Every Tuesday 9.30am ET | 2.30pm UK | 3.30pm Europe | 7pm India


Webinars for a better world

Heart-based relaxation and meditation to help us in our everyday life and be the best we can possibly be, in all walks of life. Millions of people are continuing to benefit from our numerous Heartfulness sessions, in the comfort of their homes, workplaces, communities, and our own Heartspots centers. Heartfulness Meditation helps us pursue the path of fulfillment, excellence, and perfection.

See https://heartfulness.org/webinar/#  for details of upcoming webinars.

The PEARL Series, formerly known as ​the ​Speaker Series​,​ is a pioneering​ and ​​​successful FREE monthly webinar series​​ sponsored by the ​H​eartfulness ​Institute. ​PEARL​ stands for Practical Educational Actionable Rejuvenating Lifestyle Webinars.

It hosts ​eminent speakers from all around the world who share their insights and unique ideas, be it from personal, professional or spiritual experience. Their passion​ and authenticity​ for their​ subject​s​​ ​give ​the interactive question and answer session​s​ ​real meaning and substance that engage and connect with our global audience on a deep level.




GLOW stands for ‘Genuine Loving Outstanding Women’ and is a series of monthly online workshops for women, who can log in from any corner of the world, learn and practice Heartfulness meditation in the comfort of their homes or their workplace.  Each webinar will also feature an expert speaker, chosen from women who are outstanding in their fields and are influencers and change-makers.








“LIFEcast” with Daaji

Many helpful practical techniques for staying healthy during the current corona-crisis were shared by Daaji during his recent LIFEcast. The video remains available to all interested viewers.
Watch LIFEcast and register for Heartfulness Masterclasses at https://www.heartfulness.uk/lifecast


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