The Magic is in You

I am Nilima Tiwari Dusaj, a practitioner in the Sahaj Marg system since 2011. I am married and have a 3 year old daughter. In the initial years of practice, I tried to be regular with all elements of Heartfulness practice – meditation, cleaning, group meditation, sittings and prayer. But after the birth of my daughter, my world changed; I wanted to meditate but I hardly could. On the day I delivered my daughter, I meditated and then went to the hospital. This emptiness of not being regular in my practice was creating a change in me. I was becoming a nagger and short-tempered person. But as the quote goes “Nothing is permanent and change is inevitable”, this phase was also not permanent and along the bumpy ride of managing my child and family life, I could get back on track and be a regular Heartfulness abhyasi (practitioner). With the unconditional and loving support of my husband (who is not an practitioner but whole heartedly supports me), I am able to manage everything.

And now, this lockdown is a favourable thing in terms of being a regular practitioner. It is like the radio that is tuned to a channel–the songs play and any change disrupts the radio frequency. Morning meditation, cleaning, sittings through Heartsapp have become a part of me. If meditation and/or cleaning is skipped, the noisy person comes out and this change is so visible that my husband asks ‘Did you not rock today?’ (‘Rock’ being the word he uses for meditation on a light note).

As Daaji mentioned in one of his talks, getting regular is infectious; it is this very thing that I am experiencing. With regularity come many changes in personality. Mundane things just do not bother me (for example, when my child is fully cooperative, joyful, sometimes demanding, etc). There is so much which gets accumulated in just a day but Heartfulness not only helps cleanse my system inside out, it creates new space for new progress.

The messages of the spiritual teachers which are mentioned in Daaji’s recent message “Love irons out all wrinkles” get naturally imbibed (or at least it seems that it is doable) and can be followed in day– to– day life. Heartfulness is a way of life, and if followed with all zeal, courage, dedication and love it is like magic… or it gives the feeling that ‘magic is in you’.