How Can Heartfulness Help Your Organisation?


Heartfulness (HFN) Programmes for Working Professionals are delivered by certified Heartfulness Trainers who are conversant with the corporate environment and the multiple work-life challenges of professionals. We introduce relaxation and heart-centred meditation techniques to working professionals in corporations and organisations, to enhance their inner wellness and professional well-being.

The impact of Heartfulness on decision-making, on productivity, on employee relations and on the working environment can be utterly transformative.

  • Unlock individuals’ creativity
  • Increase focus, leading to improved productivity
  • Enable respectful and positive interactions
  • Help align actions with goals
  • Facilitate more measured responses to difficulties
  • Promote clearer communications


Programmes for Businesses/Organisations


Our experiential programmes are designed with flexibility to suit the working context of your organization and its participants. They include:

  1. 1. Introductory sessions in relaxation and Heartfulness meditation for beginners (45-60 minutes) - delivered live via the organisation’s chosen platform
  2. 2. Introduction to Heartfulness Meditation Course via WhatsApp  (5 x 30 minute sessions) - delivered over either 5 days or 5 weeks according to your company's preference
  3. 3. The Benefits of Meditation (6-8 x 45minute sessions) - weekly sessions looking at the scientifically proven benefits of meditation on physical, mental and emotional health.  Each module will include simple and effective Heartfulness techniques designed to provide the benefits discussed.
How much does it cost?

Our programmes and courses are free. Just as individuals and schools can access Heartfulness at no cost, businesses and other organisations can take advantage of Heartfulness without any charge.

How many people can take part at a time?

For classes delivered virtually, there is no limit except that of the chosen platform, for example Zoom, Teams, or whatever best suits your organisation. It could be 1 or several thousand!

At such time that we are able to resume meeting in person, the only requirements are enough space for each participant to sit comfortably and to be able to hear the Trainer.

What arrangements do you need to make?

Currently due to the Pandemic we are conducting all our training programmes online. Our certified trainers will discuss with you which delivery platform your organisation prefers to use.

When we resume meeting in person, all we require is a quiet, comfortable room which is big enough for the anticipated number of people to sit without feeling cramped. It can also be useful to have the ability to easily present slides and audio, especially for the first introductory session.

Upcoming Events

 Work-Life Harmony - 10th and 12th December 2020

These two wellness webinars will offer an introduction to simple Heartfulness relaxation and meditation techniques, the  beneficial effects of which can be felt immediately.  We'll explain how these techniques, used regularly, can improve personal wellbeing and enhance work performance.

This is a private sector webinar arranged for specific companies. If you are interested in arranging a similar event for your own company, or would like to attend one of these webinars as a taster session in order to find out more, please contact us on

After the Workshop - ongoing support

Following the initial programme you have chosen, employees will be able to continue using the techniques they have learned. As well as providing participants with resources and contact information to be able to continue their own Heartfulness practice,  we may be able to offer ongoing weekly online sessions at work to ensure that the benefits of relaxation and meditation in the workplace are consolidated and deepened. Follow-on sessions can make a very positive difference to the long term benefit which people and organisations derive from Heartfulness. You will be able to discuss this with the trainers who run your programme.

Next Steps

Please contact us at to express your interest in discussing the possibility of receiving Heartfulness at your organisation, and someone will be in touch to discuss this with you.