How Can Heartfulness Help Your Organisation?

Imagine a workplace where people interact in a calm, balanced and respectful way whatever stresses their daily work brings them. It would be an inspiring place to be, and could only have a dramatically positive effect on productivity.

The impact of Heartfulness on decision-making, on productivity, on employee relations and on the working environment can be utterly transformative.

  • Unlock individuals’ creativity
  • Increase focus, leading to improved productivity
  • Enable respectful and positive interactions
  • Help align actions with goals
  • Facilitate more measured responses to difficulties
  • Promote clearer communications



How Much Does It Cost?

Nothing. Just as individuals and schools can access Heartfulness at no cost, businesses and other organisations can take advantage of Heartfulness without any charge.

Programmes For Business:

Range from an introductory ‘taster’ session (from 45-90 minutes) to a 12-week programme depending on the organisation and the local trainers.

How Can Participants Receive Transmission?

Following the initial programme, participants will be able to meditate with transmission on their own or in local groups.  Information on trainers and ongoing support will also be provided. However, weekly sessions at work are often recommended, at least for an initial period, to ensure that the benefits of relaxation and meditation in the workplace are consolidated and deepened.

How Many People Can Take Part At A Time?

There is no limit.  It could be one or thousands, as long as there is enough space for them to sit comfortably and they can hear the trainer.

What Arrangements do you need to make?

Very few.  All we require is a quiet, comfortable room which is big enough for the anticipated number of people to sit without feeling cramped. It can also be useful to have the ability to easily present slides and audio, especially for the first introductory session.

After the Workshop

As well as being given the resources and contact information to be able to continue their own meditation practice, we invite you to take advantage of our follow-on programmes.

Weekly Group Meditations

Many people find that regularity in their practice is best maintained by ongoing sessions at their place of work, either on a permanent basis, or for a fixed period following the introductions.

As well as maintaining regularity, these sessions can help to bond the team in a common, enjoyable activity. Follow-on sessions can make a very positive difference to the long term benefit which people and organisations derive from Heartfulness.

Advanced Heartfulness

Once people have practiced Heartfulness consistently for a few weeks or months and are convinced of the benefits, they may feel that they would like to deepen their practice of the meditation. This can be done through the application of advanced techniques which can enable them to deepen and refine their own practice. Programmes can be offered online or run weekly for 4-6 weeks (80-90 mins per week) within a trainer/coordinator's company (or depending on a trainer's availability) and can have a powerful effect on individuals and their contribution to the workplace.  When several members of a team are meditating at the same time, the effect on the environment is amplified.

Next Steps

Please contact us at to express your interest in discussing the possibility of receiving Heartfulness at your organisation, and someone will be in touch to discuss this with you.