How to add an event

To add an event you first need to register and log in.  Only HSC, Facilitators or Tainers can add events, so after you have registered you will need to update your profile to add your additional role(s).

After registration your application will be reviewed, please give us a couple of days to verify your details.  Once this has been completed you will be able to add an event, edit your events and manage locations.

To add an event

Go to your member area at the far right and choose ‘Manage Events’ then click ‘Add Event’.

There are 2 main type of events one-off events and weekly group meetings either for a Heartfulness group or a Meditation group.  Weekly meetings can be entered as recurring events – for recurring events you need to enter a start and end date.  Please use an end date at the end of the current year and remember to review / update regular meetings at least annually.  It’s important that we keep content on the site relevant and up to date for new seekers.

Next, choose you location from the drop down.  If you can’t find the location you can find instructions on how to do so by following this link

Please avoid entering duplicate locations.  It will make it easier to find your event if you enter the town followed by a brief description i.e Glasgow, Rokpa House.

Now enter some details about the event, and finally remember to select a category to make it easier to find certain event types.

And click submit.  That’s it!

Your event will be emailed to the admin team for approval and will then be published to the site.

To edit an Event

The easiest way to edit your event is to search for it on the site, then click the ‘Edit Event’ link which appears above the map, top right, or select Manage Events from your member area.  You can only edit your own events

To delete an event

Select Manage Events from your member area.  For recurring and single events, selecting ‘Delete’ from the left will delete only one event or that selected event within a recurring series of events.  If it is a recurring event selecting ‘Delete’ from the right will delete the whole recurring series of events.

That’s it!