How to add a location

To add an event you first need to register and log in.  Only HSC, Facilitators or Trainers can add events, so after you have registered you will need to update your profile to add your additional role(s).
After registration your application will be reviewed, please give us a couple of days to verify your details.  Once this has been completed you will be able to add an event, edit your events and manage locations.

Add a Location

If you can’t find a location in the drop down when you are entering an event then you can add a new location.

Please avoid entering duplicate locations.

Go to your member area at the far right and choose ‘Manage Locations’ then click ‘Add Location’.

Please don’t use your home address on the site, instead list the nearest street, village or town and postcode.  For example Stow, Scottish Borders, TD1 2QN. This will be enough information for google maps to find and pin your location.

It will make it easier to find your location from the event dropdown page if you enter the event title as the town followed by a brief description i.e Glasgow, Rokpa House.

Under the details section, you can provide supporting details that can include contact details, email address, guidance to reach the location etc.

If the location is a heartspot, tick the Heartspot box and this will ensure that the location will appear on the global heartspots page once your event has been approved.

U-Connect, C-Connect, V-Connect locations cannot be considered as a Heartspot.

Heartspots can be Public locations or Private locations.

Select Private if the heartspot is an individuals home. Full address of a private heartspot will not appear on the global heartspots page. Seekers will need to contact a trainer or co-ordinator before being invited to a private heartspot.

Submit the location once all details have been entered.

To delete a location submit a request to the webadmin team.

That’s it!  You can now add events at this location.