How could a Heart based meditation practice make a difference to our relationships?

The best way of considering the heart is to think of it as an infinitely expanding space. Can anyone limit their capacity to love or care about others or nature or animals? This is the most special surprise about the heart. Mystics have always told us that it is an infinite space that can contain the universe. But everyone can make the same discovery quite easily.

It starts with simply bringing consciousness to the zone of the heart in our chest. Suppose that there is the source of light, of lightness, of our real essence there. If we can open up a space first for us to find a soft, deep, safe place inside then we can start feeling a bit more space and ease. Then we may just find it is more possible to feel the same with others. We can allow ourselves to feel attuned to our hearts and we can quite naturally feel more in harmony with others too. Try an experiment, look at people with your mind’s eye. Then imagine you are seeing them with your heart and feel the difference. You will discover a simple common humanity between you. Tolerance as a word has a root meaning about simply about making space for others to co exist and the heart is always there to create such a space.

How can anyone start to feel this kind of inner space and warmth? What about the other bit of me that judges, that closes down, that shuts others out and keeps me separate from others, especially if they are different? Much of the time we react because we feel vulnerable or nervous. We feel exposed and insecure. We look outside for others to make us feel good. But inside we feel lacking or inadequate. All of these thoughts and feelings can be traced to experiences we have had in our lives. They are like engravings on our system, programmes in our make up, they often lead us to negative repetitive life choices in which we feel stuck. They create barriers and layers like cobwebs around our soul. Over time, instead, we feel we have lost altogether that sense of this simple and soft, deep connection with our source inside our heart.

The resource of Heartfulness meditation is two fold. On one hand it gives a direct connection with a yogic transmission that feels nourishing and relaxing to us, like a permanent inner stream of light. It also simply dissolves the barriers very subtly and gently. At the end of each day we can allow all the weight and pressure of the day to leave us like vapour and instead can fill with a source of light. Over time, slowly and surely, we are gradually freed of these limiting patterns and find a new kind of lightness and balance that keeps us afloat in the midst of chaos and stress.
It helps us emanate the same feeling to others. They feel our calmness and ease and relax.

Does this all sound too good to be true? For once it is not. Of course, all of us working with this kind of meditation practice all over the world have ups and downs. Change is never linear but over the years we stick with it because it reliably brings us deep joy, continuing discoveries and real beauty that you could not imagine. If you are at all interested, simply try it for yourself for free and at your own pace.

Rosalind Pearmain, April 18 2016

Dr Rosalind Pearmain came across Heartfulness during the 1970’s and has found it a lifelong support and source of inspiration during many different stages and challenges during her life for which she is infinitely grateful. She has been involved in health and transformation education with adults, children and young people in a wide variety of settings in the community and public sector. She is currently visiting Lecturer in Psychotherapy and Counselling at Regents University and Visiting Faculty at the Minster Centre for Integrative Psychotherapy.