Heartfulness for Schools

We focus a lot on having healthy bodies, but we also need healthy minds. This can be a challenge in today’s world due to sensory overload and feelings of stress and anxiety. Anxiety related disorders in children are on the rise, and it can be difficult for them to find peaceful moments in their busy lives, and to feel good about themselves. Ten minutes of daily quiet can be a precious gift to children. It helps them find a safe, calm space within themselves and in their classrooms, and leads to greater self-awareness and emotional balance.

Heartfulness For Children is simple, free, heart-centred relaxation and contemplation which can be taught by teachers either in person or through audio tracks.

These materials have been designed for easy use by anyone qualified to work with children. Recordings can be easily downloaded and can be paused to give longer peaceful spaces.

Please visit the pages on this site Heartfulness for Primary schools and Heartfulness for Secondary schools to access these resources.