3rd April 2017


What is Heartfulness?
Heartfulness is a simple system of meditation and relaxation which can be easily integrated into our daily lives. With regular practice, we can achieve a calmer and more balanced life. Anyone and everyone is welcome to try Heartfulness.
What is unique about Heartfulness?

Heartfulness Meditation can include the use of `Transmission’, a unique feature of the method which helps us deepen our experience of meditation and which can also amplify and accelerate our progress. Transmission can be described as a very subtle sense or energy which has to be experienced to understand its effects but it touches our hearts and helps us to re-establish a connection with our Self.

What are the benefits of practising Heartfulness?

Heartfulness can reveal inner resources and attributes such as resilience, tolerance and a calmer way of being. These attributes become stronger and more permanent, the more we practise. This provides us with inner strength to support us in difficult times and situations. There are also many health benefits for our body, mind and spirit.

Are there specific life style changes, postures, diet restrictions needed?
No, the only requirement is the willingness to try it.
Do we need to be trained in Heartfulness before practising?
Anyone can try Heartfulness but, to experience transmission and the full benefit of the system, it helps to be introduced by a trainer or through our online Masterclasses available at https://heartfulness.org/en/learn-the-basics
Are there any pre-requisites to starting the practice?
Anyone can try Heartfulness relaxation and meditation however you must be over 18 years old to take part in meditation with transmission.
Are there any medical conditions which make Heartfulness practice unsuitable?
Anyone can practise Heartfulness relaxation. However, some serious mental health problems can mean that meditation practice is not possible.
Are there other organisation in the UK, Europe or America you have worked with?
Heartfulness has worked with partner organisations with similar principles; and with schools, universities, businesses and communities in many countries throughout the world.
How are you funded?
We are funded by donations.
Are there any costs for organisations or individuals for practising Heartfulness?
There are no charges for Heartfulness at any point. However, we welcome donations to help us offer Heartfulness to all sections of society, and we charge a registration fee at some events to cover costs and materials.
Tell me about the organisation – who is behind it?
Heartfulness is run by non-profit organisations or charities worldwide. In the UK, Heartfulness is run by a registered charity (Reg No: 1128649)
Has it been part of any HR or wellbeing efforts in business or public service settings, and how was it received?
Companies such as Tata and Cognizant have used Heartfulness as part of their health and well being programmes. Heartfulness has also been taught in, universities, gyms, Crown Courts, and to emergency service personnel. All feedback has been very positive.
How much time is needed to learn the method when we start ? And how much time is needed to practise it?
In general, three thirty minute meditation sessions on different days are recommended to get started. However, these can be taken over the course of a week.
Is there a way I can try it and decide whether to continue?
Yes, it's possible to have one or more taster sessions and, even if you start the practice, there is never any obligation to continue. Everyone is free to go at their own pace and to stop and start whenever they want to.
What are the ways you can deliver this training within our organisation (or our employees)? What support you will need from us?
Our trainers and coordinators can provide an introduction, followed by resources and information to allow your employees to continue, either with local or online support. We need your support to inform your employees and arrange a mutually convenient time for our trainer to introduce Heartfulness in a comfortable and quiet setting. Following the introduction, your support may be needed to provide the time and space needed for your employees to continue the practice.