Enroll for Training

Volunteers are essential in developing Heartfulness across the globe. As a volunteer it is important that you are supported and protected in the work you do.
Once you have successfully completed this simple but informative training, you will have enough information and knowledge to ensure that you work safely and joyfully. Knowing the rules and regulations which support the work goes a long way to making it a pleasant, stress free experience for everyone.
It is important that you enjoy volunteering as, that way, you are more likely to do it again and again:) for which we are eternally grateful.
To Enroll for Training just follow the link to Heartfulness Training in the ‘Your Journey’ menu.  Click on the course you would like to enroll, and enroll.  You can keep track of your progress and resume your training at any time by going to your member area at the far right and choosing ‘My Courses’.
That’s it! Thank you and enjoy the training!