9th July 2020

Community Blog

It’s common to hear people give advice such as, “Take a break, it’s good for you.” It sounds convincing and appealing and most people do take breaks from whatever they’re doing, on weekends and more specifically on holidays. I’ve come to recognise myself as a workaholic and for long periods of time in my younger […]

The soothing steady waves of peace and foundations of an essence of life…

In everyone’s life there are difficult times. This is how the medieval Italian poet Dante described his experience : At the mid-point of the path through life, I found Myself lost in a wood so dark, the way Ahead was blotted out. The keening sound I still make shows how hard it is to say […]

Looking back through the mists of time; cutting sharply back through 35 years of the “inner weather landscape” of my consciousness, and the endless scenes and scene changes of my life, I find myself landing centre stage, age 11 years, dressed as the Tin Man, somewhere on the yellow brick road on the way to […]